Wall Decor Ideas for a Stylish Home Look

If you have simple home furnishing or you feel that something is missing in your whole home look, then decorating the walls is your next step. The small and final touches are always the game changer when it comes to decorating. 

Let’s see how you can do this and change the whole style with simple unique items. 

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1. Frames

Frames are one of the best items for decorating your walls. They have various shapes, sizes, and designs. You can either make it customized with your favorite quote, poster, or photo or get them ready made. 

In case you’re looking to renovate your living room or bedroom, the wall frames idea is the optimum choice. Whether your home style is classic or modern, the frames will suit it; just pick the right design.

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Tips for Hanging the Frames

  • Use frames in ranging sizes; then hang them in a slope
  • Place one big frame in the center, with smaller ones around it 
  • Mix between rectangular and square frames, then fix them parallel to each other; they will look so elegant
  • Frames are an ideal wall decoration idea for the area around your TV
  • For a modern wall design, bring frames in different sizes; then fix them in an organized way beside each other.
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Using the wall frames is an easy decorating idea to add the final touches to the home’s overall look or even for redecorating a specific room.  

2. Decorative Mirrors 

Who said that mirrors can only be in a typical shape? This is not true; mirrors can add so much to your wall decor with their numerous shapes and styles.

The mirror as a decoration idea adds effortless elegance to the home’s look.  In addition, the mirror is the ultimate wall decor item for your living room, particularly the ones with artistic details. 

Besides, Hollywood mirrors are very stylish nowadays; it’s a mirror with a frame filled with lamps. It’s the best wall decor idea especially for a girl’s room or a master bedroom.

Shapes of Mirrors 

  • Round
  • Square 
  • Oval 
  • Crescent 
  • Heart-shaped
  • Eye-shaped
  • Hollywood mirror. 
unique wall art ideas

Best Spots for Decorative Mirrors 

  • The hallway is a great spot and idea for your wall decor 
  • You can situate it next to the dining table 
  • Surely, you should have one in the master bedroom and kids room
  • You can also place it in the living room.

The variety of designs will leave you impressed; just make sure to choose the one that makes your home flawless. 

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3. Shelves

For those who want a super affordable yet outstanding wall decorating item, shelves are the answer. They will fill the empty space on your walls, adding a whole new look to the entire room. 

You can use the shelves as a decorating idea for the living room, bedroom, balcony, and kids room; they fit anywhere. Besides, there are also two types of shelves, either fixed or hanging ones; you can choose the one you prefer.

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Tips for the Shelves Decoration

  • Mini flower pots to use plants as part of your wall decor
  • Books 
  • Small antiques
  • Toys for kids room 
  • Artificial plants
  • Crystals 
  • Fun or classic statues 
  • Your favorite quote on a board.

The idea of a wall shelf as a decor item is an ideal one that fits all home types. 

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4. Photos

Photos are how we keep our memories captured; when it comes to unique wall art ideas, hanging some of your pictures is one of them. 

There are various ways to do so; you can bring a bulletin board and just fix your pictures on it. Such an idea is a cool wall decor for the bedrooms, living room, or kids room. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a unique wall decor design using photos, then print a group of pictures and just stick them to the wall. This is also a DIY wall decor idea that you can do with your little ones for some fun.

Finally in case you’re looking for a cheap wall decor idea, fix a frame of paper to the wall; then with a tape stick your photos inside it and they will look amazing.

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5. Painting the Walls

How about wall painting as decoration? This sounds awesome. Painting the whole wall with the same color is the norm but change is needed; adding some nice paintings will make it look stunning. 

There are many ideas for painting as a decoration for your walls; you should choose painting ideas that suit your home design so everything matches. 

Besides, in case you just want to make some renovations to your room you can buy the wall paint design sticker with any drawing you want; attach it to the wall, and voila! 

 wall decor painting ideas

Tips for Painting Your Walls

  • Pick a small area and paint it with a specific drawing
  • Paint a whole wall with one pattern or color
  • Choose different drawings and paint them; this idea is ideal for a boho wall design 
  • If you love drawing on canvas, you can draw one then hang it; the wall will look artistic. 

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