How to keep your playroom closet

Clear organizers

Clear organizers keep everything in one place without overcomplicating the process. This trick is especially beneficial for young children, since many kids struggle with object permanence and memory. As they age, this will disappear, but kids can be a bit forgetful about where to put toys or how things are organized when they’re young.

Clear organizers allow you and your child to see the contents within. It makes it easier to get the toy they want without digging through all the bins and boxes, which translates to less clutter on the floor. Additionally, since children can easily see where their toys go, clean-up time will be much more manageable.

For older kids, adding colorful, large labels to the bins is a great way to ensure they remember the age-old adage: “A place for everything and everything in its place.” They’ll know where their toys are meant to go, and will have no excuse for leaving them on the floor at the end of the day.

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Large baskets and bins

Larger baskets and bins are a fantastic storage solution for toys. Whether you put them in the closet or somewhere nearby, these bins allow for more accessibility. By placing the bins or baskets on the ground, you allow your child the opportunity to pick out their toy whenever they choose as well as the chance to put it back where they found it. If you tag-team at clean-up time, this can be an excellent way to practice the value of teamwork to achieve a goal.

Tiered storage carts

Tiered storage carts provide mobility, accessibility, and unlimited storage opportunity. A simple three-tiered cart allows you to stack books, crafts, or toys vertically, saving space in the playroom. Also, tiered carts will enable you to utilize cups, dividers, and smaller boxes to categorize toys or art supplies in a simple yet effective way.

Since these carts are mobile, craft time won’t require several trips up and down for supplies. Simply wheel the cart to the table or other area where you want to engage with your kids. It’s such a simple trick that makes all the difference.

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